Questions and answers

What can I do with my Chalmers Account (CID)?

You can log in to a variety of services such as Chalmers computers, Wi-Fi, the Library's digital resources, Microsoft 365 and other IT services.

How do I get my access card?

Contact your coordinator for help with obtaining an access card.

If you are a Chalmers student at a programme you use your Student Union card (Mecenat) as an access card for the facilities at Chalmers.

What can I do with my access card?

Depending on your role at Chalmers you get access to buildings that are relevant for you.

As a student you have access to front doors to several buildings on Chalmers campus during evenings and weekends.

Classrooms are normally open on weekdays.

Can I use access cards / the Student Union card as library cards?

No, you cannot use the access card as a library card.

You do not need a library card to access digital information at Chalmers library, it is enough to log in with your Chalmers account (CID) which you sign out in this web portal. More information:

What is Ladok?

Ladok is a national system for documentation of studies. Among other things, information about name, address, personal identification number, Study authorization, results, degrees/diplomas, and admissions for programmes and courses. This is also where you sign up for course examinations.

Can I change my name?

As an employee you need to contact HR.

As a student you can change your contact information:

I don't like the name of my Chalmers account (CID), can I change it?

No, you cannot rename your Chalmers account (CID) yourself.

In some cases, IT may change the name of your Chalmers account if you experience your account name as offensive or offensive. To submit an application for a possible replacement, contact IT support.

What if I have technical problems with this web portal?

If you have technical problems with this website, for example, if you receive error messages or are unable to proceed:

  • Try browsing anonymously (incognito) to see if it helps.
  • Try clearing cookies and cache in your browser.

Otherwise, contact Chalmers IT support -